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How to Obtain your Credit Report:

The Credit Reporting Agencies which handle most American's Credit reports are Equifax, Experian, and Trans Union. Below is the contact information for each as well as some tips:

1. Equifax: Information about obtaining a report 1-800-997-2493. Order online at get your credit report.

If you have been denied because of an Equifax report within the past 60 days, obtain a free report by calling 1-770-612-3400, or request in writing-- Equifax, P.O. Box 740241, Atlanta, GA 30374-0241. Make sure to send a copy of the notice of denial.

If you think you're a victim of Fraud you are also entitled to a free report.

Written requests should include: full name, date of birth, social security number, current and former addresses, daytime and nighttime phone #, and your signature.

2. Experian: Information about obtaining a report 1-888-397-3742. Written requests-- Experian, National Consumer Assistance Center, P.O. Box2104, Allen, TX 75013-2104

3. Trans Union: Information about obtaining a report 1-312-408-1050. Order online at If you've had a denial within 60 days due to a TU report, you can receive it by calling 1-800-888-4213. Written requests-- Trans Union Corporation, Consumer Disclosure Center, P.O. Box 390, Springfield, PA 19064-0390.


1. If you find fraudulent or misleading information in your report and wish to correct it, or

2. If anyone has pulled your report for purposes other than the extension of credit,

Contact us for your free consultation and send us a cover sheet with your name, address, telephone number and fax number along with your Credit Report.


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