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Criminal Defense is About Helping to Protect Your Rights

Representing Accused Citizens in Southwestern Ohio and Northern Kentucky on Criminal Matters of all types.

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• Felonies & misdemeanors

• Drug offenses - possession & trafficking

• White collar crime Theft, fraud, robbery, burglary

• Weapons and firearms charges • Assault

• Sex Offenses • Computer crimes, importuning

• Traffic matters including OVI, DUI and driving under suspension

• Motions to mitigate, expunge, seal and for relief from disabilities

• Juvenile matters

Guidance and Advocacy - As an advocates for my clients, their families and their future opportunities, I fight for their rights and look for solutions in criminal defense matters.

If you have been arrested or suspect that you are the subject of a criminal investigation - DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR CASE WITH THE POLICE OR ANYONE OTHER THAN A CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY.


The laws concerning "drunk driving", driving without insurance and driving under suspension have changed radically over recent years. The person arrested today in Ohio for driving under the influence of alcohol faces mandatory minimum fines; incarceration or in-patient treatment; the loss of their driving privileges and even the potential forfeiture of their vehicle.

Contact us immediately to discuss your rights.



John J Mulvey serves the Greater Cincinnati area, Southwestern Ohio & Northern Kentucky State & Federal Courts
Stephen Felson serves the Greater Cincinnati area, Southwestern Ohio State & Federal Courts

Mr. Felson and Mr. Mulvey operate independently of one another, are not partners,and are not legally responsible for each other's work. Nothing in this web site or in our informal communications creates an attorney-client relationship. An attorney-client relationship is only formed when a written agreement of representation is signed.